Four dos and don’ts of launching an e-commerce website

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Four dos and don’ts of launching an e-commerce website

In the present time, getting into the e-commerce business is more comfortable and cheaper than ever. The only hurdle comes in when one wants to stand out as being better than the rest. To find out what it means and takes to be the best, you must have a detailed understanding of what you should do and what you should avoid doing at all cost. Here are five dos and don’ts which you should have at your fingertips.

Do test your product

It’s never easy to admit that your product is just not that great. When it comes to e-commerce, never wait until you have put months into an e-commerce website to find out if it’s great or not. Instead, carry out detailed research before launching and use the findings to make an informed decision.

Don’t assume that potential clients will find your site

It may sound ridiculous, but this is one of the few common misconceptions about launching and running an e-commerce website. Too many entrepreneurs assume that e-commerce is all about starting flashy websites. However, this is never the case. The reality is that everyone who visits your site searched saw an advertisement or was somehow referred or redirected to it. This means that you must have a roadmap of how you will attract and direct traffic to your e-commerce website. This may require hiring an advertising company or a PR company to assist with SEO efforts and getting relevant backlinks to your site.

Do set aside a realistic budget to test marketing

Free marketing is great but usually not scalable. As a professional e-commerce website manager, you should get your e-commerce website to a scale that makes it worth the time and effort you invest in it. At times, this requires testing different marketing strategies and channels with the primary aim of finding what works best and what doesn’t. In any case, always have in mind that this process is costly and may require a separate budget.

Do not try to be everything at once

This seems to be a common killer of many e-commerce start-ups. From the start, stick to what you are good at. If your goal is to curate and sell unique fashion pieces, strive to be a great merchandiser and that’s it. Avoid designing your clothes. This way, you will be able to specifically save time, money and at the same time, avoid unnecessary stress and headaches.

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