Fixed budgets, lack of expertise skills, and little experience are some of the days to day challenges of small businesses. Particularly in this digital age, small businesses are facing stiff competition. As one of the owners, you can relate with these realities. To turn around your current status, you need to set up an online store or an e-commerce site. But constraint budgets are not letting you leap off your leg.

Now, you do not know the way forward in realizing your online selling dream. The goodness is that free e-commerce website builders can allow you to achieve your desires. However, not every free builder will be a good fit for your small business.

Here are the best e-commerce web builders that are free and available for small business owners like you. Try them:

Fixed budgets


The authenticity and reliability of a platform is the number of users in it. You can hardly trust a platform that has less than ten users regardless of the marketing strategies they may be using. With this in mind, Jimdo is a free e-commerce website builder that qualifies in matters to do with reliability. The builder is a house of more than 20 million sites and 200,000 online stores. It is easy to use meaning you do not need an expert to build your website or store. Also, it comes with SSL which is an essential feature for securing your monetary transactions. Other features include 500MB disc space and a chance to list five products. Again, if you want to upgrade, it will cost you just $7.50 per month. However, you can only create a free online store to sell limited products. Also, you cannot use it to sell services. Despite this, Jimdo is an excellent platform for beginners.


Are you tired of paying transaction fees? If so, Freewebstore is a good option for you. This free e-commerce website builder allows you to make a transaction without paying any fee. The platform houses more than 500 thousand users. Also, the free option enables you to list 20 products. Again, if you are looking for a highly mobile device responsive website, this is your better option. With it, your customers will have an opportunity to shop in your online store using their smartphones and tablets. Also, it supports several payment gateways. So, your customers will transact and process payments without many hurdles. However, it has a complex backend. This aspect may not go well with many new entrepreneurs with zero web development knowledge. Regardless, it is an excellent builder to launch your online selling journey.


Although it appears like a Mozilla brand, the two have no relationship. So, you should not mistake them or develop a misconception. Mozello is a free e-commerce website builder that allows you to create a wooing site. The platform is a good idea for you if you are focusing on selling your products to international markets. Unlike other free builders, Mozello has a multilingual option where you can make your site in different languages. This aspect is a plus in enhancing your customer reachability and engagement. Like other free options, you enjoy a disc space of 500MB. Also, you can customize the color of your product listing. The bad side of this platform is you can only list ten products for free. Also, it does not offer SSL which is an essential feature in online trading. Mozello has no option for accepting credit card payments, and you can only sell physical products. With this free e-commerce website builders, you do not have a reason not to sell online. Thus, your budgetary constraints are no longer an issue.